Jon gordon’s

Day of development

A One-day event to develop your

Mindset / Leadership / Teamwork

Learn Principles, Practices, and Lessons From:


Day of development

What You’ll Learn

Learn proven principles and strategies from 15x Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jon Gordon’s bestselling books The Energy Bus, The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team that have sold millions of copies worldwide. You’ll create a competitive advantage by discovering evidence based best practices that have been utilized by many top leaders, high achievers and organizations (businesses, pro sports teams, school districts, non-profit, health care) to create amazing results… and you’ll leave with a personal action plan to enhance your career, team and organization.

  • Elevate your Mindset with Strategies Based on Neuroscience
  • Enhance Resilience, Mental Toughness And Grit
  • Thrive During Challenges And Change
  • Lead with Vision and Mission
  • Develop Leaders within your Team/Organization
  • Define and Create a Great Culture
  • Address and Remove Negativity
  • Build a United, Connected and Committed Team
  • Improve Communication, Trust and Teamwork
  • Engage in Difficult Conversations with the Star3 Model
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Enhance your Life, Career and Relationships
  • Meet and Connect with other Growth Minded People
  • Take Action and Achieve Superior Results
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15x Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Speaker

Julie Nee

Facilitator &
VP of Training

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Facilitator &
VP of Consulting